George Kyvernitis

Vice President

George Kyvernitis is Vice President of Kyvernitis Travel S.A., heading up company’s Global Marine and Business Development sections.

As Head of Global Marine and Business Development, George has overseen the company’s transformation in the changing world of global maritime business, forging relationships with global shipping and offshore companies as well as consolidating relationships with the Greek shipping community. Global Marine is now taking the next step in client services by bringing customised solutions and technological advances to the needs of the shipping industry.

George joined Kyvernitis Travel in 2004 as a travel coordinator, taking on the role of manager for Global Marine in 2009. He holds a BBA in Applied Science in Marketing and Management from Idaho State University, as well as a diploma from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). George is the current representative for the PTC Group Philippines within Greece and Cyprus, and is the acting CEO of Erasmus S.A. Furthermore, he holds consulting positions at various Boards. Owing, in part, to his role in business development, George is interested in the way advances in technology can be harnessed for the benefit of marine and travel management, in particular to optimise service quality and efficiency. He frequently gives talks and seminars on best practice and common solutions for the travel industry, ensuring he stays abreast of all developments and opportunities within the sector. George’s unique experiences and expertise have allowed him to make a career based around innovation and transformation, keeping Kyvernitis Travel at the forefront of everything he does.  

Twice winner of the Greek Tennis Championship (1994, 1996), George’s current sporting passion is golf and he actively supports a number of clubs and championships both privately and through the corporate sponsorship programmes of Kyvernitis Travel. He lives in Athens with his wife and two children.