Oct 5, 2019


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As Greece becomes a key player in the medical tourism industry, this panel addresses the milestones and key challenges, particularly in the fields of IVF & Plastic Surgery.

Last year, we discussed what infrastructure needs to be set up and what policies need to be implemented to ensure the tourism industry in Greece grows in a way that significantly contributes to the country’s economic recovery. This year, we will listen to the views of those who spread the word for Greece’s world-class medical services. As Greece is becoming a key player in the medical tourism industry, thanks to its temperate climate, highly-trained medical staff, and cutting-edge medical innovations, this panel will enlighten us on what is happening in the fields of IVF & Plastic Surgery, addressing the milestones and key challenges.

Moderated by: George Kyvernitis, Vice President of Kyvernitis Travel S.A (TBC)

  • Konstantinos Pantos


    HIGHER EDUCATION Konstantinos Pantos was awarded his medical degree from the University of Athens in 1981. He specialized in obstetrics-gynaecology at the University of Athens and in 1988 he was awarded the Doctorate in Medicine (PhD), University of Athens, Greece. He specialized in the field of medically assisted reproduction technology as a senior registrar in

  • Dimitris Drakotos

    Art Surgery


    Dr Dimitrios Drakotos founder of Art Surgery is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Greece. Trained in Plastic surgery, Aesthetic surgery and Reconstructive surgery. He graduated with honours from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, where he also finished his Residency in General Surgery. Upon completing medical school he continued his Plastic Surgery training in

  • Alexia Chatziparasidou

    Embryolab Academy


    Alexia Chatziparasidou is a senior clinical embryologist with an experience of more than 45.000 cycles in assisted reproduction (ART). Her scientific interests focus mainly on the application of modern oocyte and embryo freezing methods and treating male subfertility and azoospermia. Since 2007 she has developed a special interest in efficient Total Quality Management (TQM) and Risk Management (RM)

  • George Kyvernitis

    Kyvernitis Travel S.A


    George Kyvernitis is Vice President of Kyvernitis Travel S.A., heading up company’s Global Marine and Business Development sections. As Head of Global Marine and Business Development, George has overseen the company’s transformation in the changing world of global maritime business, forging relationships with global shipping and offshore companies as well as consolidating relationships with the

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