Our Story

It all started when five Greek friends studying at London Business School felt inspired by entrepreneurs in Greece who had achieved greatness during the crisis.


We wanted to reverse the negative publicity Greece was receiving.


We started by showcasing the productive and creative side of our country, in a bid to inspire young people to develop their own innovative ideas.


In 2012 we organised a conference, where we brought together our first followers with positive stories and businesses that were flourishing during such a turbulent period. The fact that our first event was overbooked, made us realise that there was a lot more to be done and that a lot of people were seeking the inspiration we so eagerly wanted them to find. During our first year of operation, we organised a number of successful MeetU@Reload events where experienced entrepreneurs helped Reloaders to enter the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Since then, we have become a registered educational charity under the UK Charity Commission, we have educated over 5,000 young people and we have a pool of over 250 business and academic mentors.


We had managed to crowd-fund £4,000 and draw 179 new supporters, at our first Dragon’s Den event.


In April 2014 we held our first bootcamp in Nafplion.


In 2015 we were awarded a Stavros Niarchos Foundation Grant and we also presented what we do in the EU Parliament.

At the same time, we expanded in two universities outside London, Bath and Cambridge, and we held our first RG Challenge accelerator programme with more than 80 mentors.


In early 2016, we participated in an Economic Conference in Delphi. By March, our RG Young Entrepreneurs Programme had reached 800 participants.In the summer, we held our second RG challenge and we were also featured at the BBC.

In September, we organised ours second RG Bootcamp with ALBA in Athens and our Third Annual Conference in cooperation with LBS and SEESOX (Oxford University) that reached more than 200 people in the audience.

We are an open organisation, with a youthful mindset
We work together to make things happen and ultimately mobilise young people into action.

Our vision is to inspire and support a new generation of entrepreneurs, empower them to become creators and ultimately turn the brain drain into a brain gain for their home countries.
We aim to help people become part of the change.

We consider ourselves ‘your startup friend’ who you can always trust
and come to for support and advice.

We are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, approachable to anyone and with you at all times.

We are not just creating new businesses, we are creating hope
and a new movement to ensure that our generation will not be the lost one
but rather the one that will make all the difference.

We are helping a whole generation to think and act differently.