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A series of workshops taking place at leading Universities across the UK, the Netherlands, Greece and Cyprus aiming to educate young aspiring entrepreneurs.


Kick start your entrepreneurial journey by joining this workshop.
During this 3-hour session, you will work on your early stage idea or the problem you want to solve using the Reload Greece methodology. Top tier professionals with business and academic backgrounds will inspire, guide and support you to answer your most important questions. What are your assumptions about your business? Is it a good time to start now? Have you tested the idea? How robust is it? What are the tools and techniques you should use to develop your new business idea?

In this session you pitch your idea in order to participate in the rest of the YEP journey so you must not miss it! You will have 2 min. to share it with the group.

Where? At your University
When? October 2019 – December 2019


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