I want to develop my idea.

Are you sitting on an idea for way too long but don’t know where to start?

Or maybe are you pursuing a PHD and are not sure how what you are working on can be integrated in the business world?

Does the word ‘entrepreneur’ sound exciting yet a bit overwhelming?

What are the first steps you should take to even start building a business?

Reload Greece is here to offer you guidance, support and a network which is here to help you transform your early-stage idea into a viable proposition. How? With a methodology used at London Business School and a pool of highly experienced mentors who are here to help you.

Always in a friendly and supportive environment Reload Greece has tailor-made programmes just for you! Our two programmes in the UK and Greece help you form your value proposition and navigate your way towards formalizing your main business blocks. Either over a period of 3 months through our Young Entrepreneurs Programme or through our intense 10 day RG Challenge accelerator, it is up to you.

I want to grow my venture.

Do you want to fast track your start-up and become investment ready?


Reload Greece offers an intense 10 day accelerator programme which helps you refine your business blocks including your value proposition, customer segments, customer relationships, cost structures, key activities, key resources and key partnerships. The last day is focused on your pitch and how do deliver a memorable pitch deck.

Get ready to be challenged in a safe environment with the help of more than 40 mentors who will be there to help. Investors will be present to provide their feedback and guidance as well as potential funds.


I want to help entrepreneurs grow.

When you were starting your business, did you ever wish you had someone to talk to
who was further along in their own entrepreneurial journey?


Now you can do that for someone else! Be a Mentor and share your knowledge with a Mentee to help them gain a new outlook on their goals and business. Reload Greece needs business insiders who are passionate about their sector of expertise, in order to guide aspiring leaders along their demanding entrepreneurial journey. From idea conception, all the way through to venture development and implementation, mentors are pioneers and business professionals who inspire, guide, support and motivate novice entrepreneurs.

Mentors not only share their business insight and expertise, but also engage with high-impact startups, keep up with current entrepreneurial trends, and get first-handed access and inspiration by innovative ideas coming from motivated future entrepreneurs. Furthermore, mentors have the opportunity to expand their network-pool, connecting with other high-profile mentors across industries.

Become a Mentor

I want to help Reload Greece grow.

The constant growth and development of Reload Greece is heavily a result of the invaluable help of its people.


Reload Greece is always welcoming on board driven, passionate and enthusiastic volunteers to fulfil its mission.

By joining Reload Greece you will have the opportunity to cultivate your creativity, meet like-minded people and become part of a passionate and vivid community, whilst also developing skills that can advance you in both personal and professional terms. As a volunteer, you can work in a variety of different sectors, ranging from marketing to partnerships and event-related assistance.

If you are proactive, self-motivated, hard-working and committed, join our team now!