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This is the day when we pair our young entrepreneurs with our esteemed industry mentors.
We have mentors from all kind of industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches.
At this event, you will pitch your BIG IDEA.
We will then have a speed networking event where you will have an opportunity to get feedback on your idea from all mentors,
before being assigned your very own personal mentor for the next 6 weeks.

Where will it happen? London Business School
When will it happen? 11th February 2017


This is your opportunity to further develop your business with your mentor.
You’ll have 2 1:1 sessions with your mentor, use it wisely.
Ask questions, test your ideas, and change things.
These mentors have been carefully selected as they have a rounded knowledge of business and entrepreneurship.
It’s a safe space for you to get really comfortable with the idea you’ll be pitching.

Where will it happen? To be agreed with your mentor. Skype or in person.
When will it happen? 11th February 2017 – 23rd March 2017


 Even more mentors will be on board to deliver more specific workshops for you to develop your business even further.
Finances, marketing, sales… these mentors have been hand picked as industry experts in one field, and will be delivering one-off sessions you won’t want to miss! And you won’t have to.
If you can’t make it to London Business School, we will be live streaming these sessions, and recording them, so you can watch them from the comfort of your own home.

Where will it happen? London Business School (and via video link)
When will it happen? February-March 2017. Dates & content to be announced