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Let’s get the ball rolling! You’ve been selected to participate in this phase; hence your idea must be worth it. This is the day when you get to meet your dedicated 1:1 mentor who will accompany you for the next 6 weeks! Our mentors come from different industries and are either successful entrepreneurs or business professionals (such as O2, Smith & Nephew, Santander, Deloitte, Google, Causaly, Astra Zeneca) who will be working alongside you to help turn your idea into a startup! In this event you get paired with your mentor and will get introduced to the business model canvas. You won’t be on your own so do not fear! Other Reloaders will be there to help you as well as your dedicated RG Buddy who will be with you every step of the way.

Where? Central London Venue

When? February 2019


This is your opportunity to blaze the trail and further develop your business with your mentor. You’ll have 1:1 sessions with your mentor, so use them wisely. Ask questions, test your ideas, change and improve things. These mentors have been carefully selected as they have an invaluable knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. In addition we have onboarded some domain experts, professionals who will provide expertise on the team’s subject matter.

This is a safe space for you to get really comfortable with the idea you’ll be pitching. 

Where? To be agreed with your mentor (Skype or in person)

How many? A minimum of 3 one-hour sessions (prep is needed before each session)

When? February – March 2019


This series of specialised expert masterclasses offer a variety of deep dives that will help you improve your knowledge on a certain topic or learn new skills to cope with the everyday difficulties you face when starting your own business. If you want to enhance your experience in start up finance, growth hacking, patenting, prototyping and pitching, then you’ll get the chance to learn from the best in their field in these one-off masterclasses that will take place at London venues.
Where? Various London venues
When? February – March 2019