Renate Schnutt

Advantage Austria

Renate Schnutt has broad experience in strategic marketing and communication, business development and corporate innovation management. She started her career in the tourism industry, going on to become Head of Marketing & Business Development at a multinational company before leaving the corporate world to co-found the Austrian women’s rights referendum campaign, for which she spent a year as head of communications and campaigning.

Having successfully developed and implemented marketing and business strategies in the B2B, B2C and third sector environments, Renate took on a business consultancy role with ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA (Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy) in January 2018.

In her current position at the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA office in London, she develops events and services for a diverse range of Austrian tech-startups looking to scale their businesses in the UK. Working closely with founders, investors and policymakers, she delivers innovative programmes for entrepreneurs and future-focused learning journeys for high-level Austrian delegations.

She also supports Austrian companies doing business in the UK by providing business intelligence, contacts, and coaching services – from cross-border sourcing, financing, technology transfers, trend consulting, and trend scouting to assistance setting up a UK subsidiary. By helping to establish economic and R&D partnerships between Austria and the UK, she promotes Austria’s profile as an investment location, high-tech manufacturing base, and source of high-quality business solutions in the UK market.

Renate graduated with an MA in Arts in Business from the University of Applied Science for Tourism Management in 2008.