Your entrepreneurial journey starts here

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Turn your idea into a startup!

Do you have a business idea but don’t know how to start?

Want to be an entrepreneur but don’t know how?

Your entrepreneurial journey starts with this pre- accelerator 3- step programme
designed to inspire, coach and assist aspiring entrepreneurs
to develop their early stage ideas from conception to business plan development.

Remember, at this stage, any idea is welcome.  

Programme Structure


Is a series of 3 workshops that take place at Universities across the UK.

Join this session to learn tools and techniques for creating the Big business idea.
What business will work for you?
How do you use your passion, your experience, and your network to create something valuable? How do you turn your everyday frustrations into a money making business?

Where will it happen? At your University
When will it happen?
 November 2016


Join this session to learn tools and techniques, to help you develop your new business idea.
What are your assumptions about your business?
Why do you think it’s a good idea to start now?
Have you tested the idea? How robust really is it?

Where will it happen? At your University
When will it happen? November-December 2016


Click on the dates to reserve your free seat


University of Bath
17 October

University of Warwick
19 October

Cambridge University
20 October

University of Birmingham
24 October

University of Surrey
25 October

Imperial College
2 November

London Business School
3 November


University of Bath
7 November

University of Warwick
17 November

Cambridge University
10 November

University of Birmingham
14 November

University of Surrey
15 November

Imperial College
8 November

London Business School
8 November


University of Bath
28 November

University of Warwick
30 November

Cambridge University
1 December

University of Birmingham
5 December

University of Surrey
6 December

Imperial College
29 November

London Business School
29 November

*** Imperial College and London Business School will have one central event in London Business School premises on the 8th November and 29th November.



This is the day when we pair our young entrepreneurs with our esteemed industry mentors.
We have mentors from all kind of industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches. At this event, you will pitch your BIG IDEA.
We will then have a speed networking event where you will have an opportunity to get feedback on your idea from all mentors,
before being assigned your very own personal mentor for the next 6 weeks.

Where will it happen? London Business School
When will it happen? 11th February 2017


This is your opportunity to further develop your business with your mentor. You’ll have 2 1:1 sessions with your mentor, use it wisely.
Ask questions, test your ideas, and change things. These mentors have been carefully selected as they have a rounded knowledge of business and entrepreneurship.
It’s a safe space for you to get really comfortable with the idea you’ll be pitching.

Where will it happen? To be agreed with your mentor. Skype or in person.
When will it happen? 11th February 2017 – 23rd March 2017


 Even more mentors will be on board to deliver more specific workshops for you to develop your business even further.
Finances, marketing, sales… these mentors have been hand picked as industry experts in one field, and will be delivering one-off sessions you won’t want to miss! And you won’t have to.
If you can’t make it to London Business School, we will be live streaming these sessions, and recording them, so you can watch them from the comfort of your own home.

Where will it happen? London Business School (and via video link)
When will it happen? February-March 2017


The accumulation of everything you’ve worked hard for.
By this point, all young entrepreneurs will have their BIG IDEA clear and ready to pitch to a panel of judges.
It’s an opportunity to get pitching practice, get honest feedback, and, of course get recognition for your hard work with our TOP PRIZES.
It is a one-off event, and is open to the public!
PITCH@RELOAD: The Big Pitching Event!

It’s your moment, your time to shine! You’ll be pitching your BIG IDEA to our panel of esteemed judges in order to win top prizes,
You can win one of 4 awards; the Innovation award, the Young Leader award, the Social Impact award (sponsored by TITAN) and the best of the best; the RISING STAR award.
Prizes include £1000 cash, free access to accelerators, internships, and more!
Your mentors will be there, an audience will be there, and the Reload Greece team will all be there, ready to hear about your ideas.
After the pitch, we will have a networking reception, so you can spend some time with the other teams, meet all of our mentors and celebrate your success.

Where will it happen? London Business School
When will it happen? 24th March 2017

What does the Reload Greece Young Entrepreneurs programme consist of?

Over the course of the academic year as a young entrepreneur you get access to:
  • A network of like-minded people.
  • A series of inspiring presentations from successful entrepreneurs they can relate to.
  • Workshops designed to get you thinking about creating a business idea that will benefit your community.
  • Two months 1:1 mentoring that help you further develop your business ideas.
  •  Introduction to partners who can provide more specialised advice and funding.
  • A strong network of role models of connected entrepreneurs.
  • Educational content developed by London Business School.
At the end of the process, you get a chance to pitch your developed business idea to a panel of investors
in order to win top prizes.

What will you gain?

Top Prizes

For those that pitch their ideas to our panel of investors, we have top prizes to help you as a young entrepreneur turn the idea you have been working on during the programme into a reality.
We know that the most important things for a new start up are a cash injection and further support and education, so our prizes include cash awards, and free access to our RG Challenge accelerator programme.


You can learn so much from those who have already been in your shoes.  During this programme, you will have an opportunity to hear about the life stories of those who have succeeded in business over the past few years in the countries
most hit by the recession (such as Greece, Portugal or Spain).  You will get a chance to meet and get inspired by innovators who straddle national geographical boundaries.


Throughout the programme, a series of training workshops, group work and seminars
will be delivered by top professionals in order to encourage you to develop a different set of skills.


Reload Greece provides a safe environment to meet people from all backgrounds, express new ideas, listen to others, learn, discuss,
whilst becoming a part of an active community.
The Reload Greece team and mentors are always there to offer you, ongoing support.

Become a Reload Greece Ambassador.

We recruit a team of student Ambassadors to help us arrange local University based events
that attract University students, alumni, and young people in the local ecosystem.

The idea is to bring together a community of young people who are interesting in entrepreneurship.
We then inspire, coach and assist them to develop early stage business ideas.

If interested, what happens next?
If you’re interested in getting involved as an ambassador, then we’d love to hear from you.
To get more information, email