What is New for MeetU@Reload 21/9

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What is New for MeetU@Reload 21/9


It has been almost a year since our Conference in 2012! We’ve been doing some heavy-duty refurbishing since then. Based on your feedback, the whole team has worked hard to fine-tune our events to suit Reloaders who have an idea and can use the support of a peer group of like-minded people to shape it into a venture. Here’s what is new at our upcoming MeetU@Reload on Sept. 21:


You will be able to meet Reloaders even before the event:

  • A week before the event you will be able to see the whole list of attendees on Eventbrite.

  • At the same time, we are now using Bizzabo, our official “community-building” app . Bizzabo connects with your LinkedIn profile and let’s you know who else is attending the event. Just download the app, search for our eventhere and press attend: 

–  Plan who to meet: Join the community, find out who’s attending and pinpoint potential connections.
–  Socialize: Communicate with fellow attendees and connect with them on your social networks.
–  Stay up to date: Browse the agenda, mark your favorite sessions and follow the event Twitter hashtag #MeetUatReload


There will be high-quality facilitation during the event:

We have organised the MeetU@Reload event so there is ample time for discussion in small groups on your specific idea or  project. We are fortunate to have the help of high-calibre MBA students from London Business School as well as that of experienced mentors from the London entrepreneurial scene who will facilitate and enrich the group discussions. If you want to get feedback from a London Business School Strategy & Entrepreneurship Professor on your idea, we have developed 3 key questions for you to answer before coming to the event.


There will be follow up after the event:

With the consent of the person who owns the idea we will share a 2-3 sentence description with just the MeetU attendees so you can benefit from their feedback and insight. We are using IdeaScale which is a platform that makes it easy to ask fellow Reloaders to vote on specific aspects of your project, solicit their comments, and see where your idea ranks besides others.


What are you waiting for? If you have an itch to become an entrepreneur type up a few words, send them to us, buy a ticket for Sept. 21 and you will be on your way!