The StartUp Life

By January 30, 2017 No Comments

There is always a START. A leap of faith, a deep long-lasting breath that will see you rising to the surface, in the most unpredictable, challenging and rewarding way. That’s how I feel working in a startup.

Commencing the journey at UBINU ( around a year ago was a deliberate and structured decision. I was always gravitated towards entrepreneurship and the appeal it had to me contrary to the corporate structures was strong. From my short experience in this way of life, I have learnt a lot. A great lot.

First of all, its a way of life. Not a career decision, not a phase or a short-term experimentation. It takes more than you have to give. 24/7/365. And (for me) that’s the beauty in it. Joining an “idea”, a project, a vision, a disruption is a fascinating and extremely challenging experience. It feels like tipping your toes into completely unknown waters. It really feels like the START of your life. You put yourself out there and truly test what you’ve got.

School, University, Business Management studies. All good and valuable knowledge. How much of that really goes into succeeding in a startup? I don’t really know – not much, would be my answer. Days and months in this environment pass by much slower than we think – it’s due to the amount of challenges, tasks, successes and failures that happen daily.

Building a START(up) is the greatest school I have attended thus far. It can push you to learn more, faster. You acquire personal and business skills. You have to be more social, more extroverted and a “salesman” of yourself and your idea. More aggressive and more persuading – you have built “something” that no one had and you need to convince the world that this “something” has value.

A basic premise of creating something from scratch is that you have to be on top of everything. Sounds cool right? Yeah. Until you have to set up a new “insert all relevant social media platforms here” campaign while you read about a new technology that a competitor has developed and about that new strategic partnership signed by one of your hottest prospects. Oh and your platform has just crushed.

Entrepreneurship requires much more patience than I thought it would. You need to evaluate more. What’s important, what needs fixing, what to let go, when to chase more and how. Its a game with a great amount of participants, no rules and countless parameters that are usually uncontrollable. And (for me) that’s the beauty in it.

One small success is a huge victory – every single time.

These conditions facilitate a rapid learning process during which you acquire a great array of invaluable tools. You are forced to adjust, learn, read, anticipate, evaluate and act, smarter and quicker, in this environment. That makes you strong and equips you for your next step. There is always a next step.

That’s what my short experience has taught me so far. I believe that its only a mere glimpse of what I’m about to encounter in the near future and I’m eager to face everything that will be coming my way on this journey.