CONNECT: Empowering Civic Entrepreneurs: Daring to Be Entrepreneurial in a Part of Society that Needs it Most

Oct 6, 2018


About session

Beyond your standard for-profit entrepreneur or business leader, is there space for another kind? We believe there is and seek to empower them too. This session will explore the impact of civic entrepreneurs. But who is a civic entrepreneur? She/he is someone who dares to be entrepreneurial in the part of society that most needs it: our communities. Where some see gridlock and obstacles, civic entrepreneurs see opportunity to effect change in policy, practice and social norms and to drive their communities to compete on the world stage. They come in various guises: directors of think tanks, leaders of movements, and academics can all be civic entrepreneurs. All can have an impact on our societies and the environment in which we operate. The question is, how can they be empowered…

  • Michael Cottakis

    Director of the 1989 Generation Initiative, London School of Economics


    Michael Cottakis is a political scientist, social entrepreneur and Director of the 1989 Generation Initiative – a pan-European think tank, based at the London School of Economics since 2015. The Initiative conducts research into the politics and institutions of the EU, as well as democratic participation of different demographic groups in society, particularly young people. Michael founded the Initiative as a student at the LSE, and has overseen

  • Mete Coban

    Chief Executive, My Life My Say and Councillor, Stoke Newington


    Mete Coban, 25, is the Chief Executive of My Life My Say and Councillor for Stoke Newington. He is best known for his work in helping set-up the All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Better Brexit for Young People and for heavily contributing to the increase of young people at the 2017 UK General Elections. The youngest ever elected Councillor in the London

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