Stelios Choustoulakis


Stelios Choustoulakis was born and raised in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. In 2008 he began being actively involved in photographic activities, starting as a member of UOC Photographic Group. In 2012 he was accepted with a scholarship in New.School Athens Photography School. During his studies, he developed his main interests in portraiture, artistic nudity and theatrical productions. He is co-founder of the “Pixathlon Athens” photographic contest.

He has collaborated with the National Theater Drama School for two years, along with many other drama teams, and theatrical producers. In November 2014 he held his first solo exhibition “Snake and Lilly” based on the first novel of N. Kazantzakis, a photographic homage including portraits and nudes. In November 2016 he completed a full year collaboration with Academy Award winning BreakThru Films for the production of the world’s first feature-length, hand painted animation film “Loving Vincent”. He currently lives and works in Bristol, UK.