Ella Goldner

Co Founder & General Manager, Zinc

Ella is Co-Founder and General Manager of Zinc. Zinc builds from scratch commercial, scalable, tech companies that tackle the biggest social challenges in the developed world.

The first mission was set to improve the mental and emotional health of 650M women and girls in the developed world. 82% of the companies created in the first programme have a Female Founder.

Zinc’s second mission focuses on unlocking opportunities for people in places hard-hit by globalisation and automation.

Ella also co-founded NewCo UK, an innovation event that provides a behind-the-curtain-view into the most exciting, innovative and mission-led organisations in the UK. As a marketing strategist, Ella worked with leading global brands such as Unilever, Wimbledon and EY.

Ella is a London Business School alumna and studied engineering in Tel Aviv. In her past she also operated drones!