Aimilios Chalamandaris

Co-founder & CEO, INNOETICS

Aimilios is the co-founder and CEO of INNOETICS, a Text-to-Speech startup established in Athens, Greece in 2006. With a strong entrepreneurial background, Aimilios was responsible for the organic growth of INNOETICS, its business development and its strategic steps in the global market. Under his lead INNOETICS was acquired by Samsung Electronics in 2017, consisting the first startup acquisition of Samsung Electronics in Europe.

He received his MSc Diploma in Digital Signal Processing and Telecoms from Imperial College, London and his MEng and PhD diplomas in Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, publishing more than 30 scientific papers. Aimilios has an extensive experience of over 15 years in the areas of speech synthesis, speech recognition and NLP, combining both research and market-oriented deep knowledge of the field.