Road to Zero: Electrification of Transport and Entrepreneurship

Oct 5, 2019


Allen & Overy LLP

Achieving lower or zero emissions is a key topic of discussion across the world, from policy makers to startups and global corporates. This session will help us better understand this new wave shaping the 21st century, with a focus on the electrification of mobility. Experts share how their counterparts from Smart Grids to on-street charge points and car sharing schemes, contribute to that goal and how entrepreneurship can play a pivotal role in the “Road to Zero”.

Moderated by: Nikolaos Soulopoulos, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

  • Fred Le Balois

    Bluepoint London


  • Nikolaos Soulopoulos

    Bloomberg New Energy Finance


    Nikolas Soulopoulos is an analyst in the Advanced Transport team at BloombergNEF. He is based in London, providing insights on the electrification of road transport, automotive companies and the long-term outlook of the sector. Before joining BNEF, Nikolas was a researcher at Imperial College London, where he completed a PhD in fluid mechanics.

  • Sotiris Georgiopoulos

    UK Power Networks


    Sotiris Georgiopoulos is the head of smart grid development at UK Power Networks, responsible for the business rollout of the successful innovation projects and the delivery of UK Power Networks’ DSO strategy. Sotiris has more than 10 years experience with UK Power Networks in the areas of innovation, construction and energy services development.  

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