Milos Milisavljevic


Milos is the leading IoT Smart Cities tech innovator and entrepreneur, combining broad technical expertise (IoT, software & hardware), business development experience and detailed understanding of local government / urban planning regulations. Through Strawberry energy, Milos pioneered the development of Outdoor Smart City infrastructure, creating smart street furniture that brings Internet of Things to outdoor places. Milos is an internationally awarded and recognised speaker and a thought leader in the areas of IoT, Smart cities and sustainability.

Strawberry energy is an internationally awarded Smart City tech company with the mission to help create Smart Cities by making our outdoor places smarter and more responsive to the modern needs of people in 21st century. Strawberry brings Internet of Things to outdoor places by developing smart outdoor urban furniture for smart cities and offer clean energy, connectivity and relevant digital local and environmental info in outdoor public spaces.

Milos is the Founder and CEO of the company and inventor of the core technology and the first product. He built the 15+ people team, lead the product development from scratch to international market, expanded the sales to 18+ countries and raised EUR 1M+ investment, headquartered the company in London. As CEO, Milos oversees product development and R&D, business development and expansion strategy and he manages high-level negotiations and collaboration with large clients and local authorities