Francois Mazoudier


Francois is the Founder & Chairman of TMRW, south London’s largest and most prestigious workspace for innovators and tech/digital companies, and CEO at Tech Leaders Capital, a private investment club made of Tech executives with outstanding track records.

He has been building technology and digital companies since the early 1990s; he has experienced the highs and lows of Tech, with a great ‘start-up to IPO story’ (Real Networks, the inventors of streaming media), the dotcom crash of the early 2000s, a company bankruptcy and several companies that were destined to great success but didn’t make it. He is open and honest about the harsh realities of life as an entrepreneur and the particularities that make the tech world so appealing yet so cut-throat.

He co-founded Speed Ventures, a $70m early stage fund backed by now-Permira and George Soros, operating its own coworking space in Shoreditch. Now as a seasoned entrepreneur, he uses his practical business-building experience, industry knowledge and contacts to help the next generation of start-up talent, using a new and purpose-built tech space (aptly named TMRW – Tomorrow) in south London.