Anastasios Rousis

CEO, Smart Power Networks

Anastasios Rousis is the co-founder and CEO of Smart Power Networks (SMPnet). His work focuses on finding more effective and efficient ways for integrating renewable energy sources towards transforming the energy system of tomorrow. His ethos is about creating a largely decarbonised energy system with equitable access to energy for everyone.

Prior to founding SMPnet, Anastasios has worked for several years in the renewable industry as a consultant in Wood Plc providing system design and grid impact studies for onshore and offshore wind farms as well as PV plants. He has participated in the development phases, including feasibility, pre-construction, construction and energisation of various projects in four continents, gaining expertise throughout the pr╬┐ject lifecycle.

He holds an MEng degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering and an MSc in Wind Energy Systems, while he is currently working towards the completion of his PhD degree in Optimisation of Power System Planning and Operation from Imperial College London.