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RG YEP winner MaGos: innovative tech startup gives hope to people with hand impairments

By May 28, 2019 No Comments

In the latest of our RG YEP winner blogs we meet Greg Agriopoulos, CEO of the MaGos team who won the RG YEP Innovation Award at the Young Entrepreneurs Programme final pitch event.

MaGos is an innovative portable human-computer interaction device which has the capability to locate the fingertips and to track the motion of the fingers/hands, in the 3D space, with very high precision in real time. MaGOS-Rehab is a unique solution for finger rehabilitation status-progress assessment that aims to assist occupational therapists and physiotherapists to effectively drive the hand rehabilitation of individuals with hand related impairments and enable personalised treatment. The impact for millions of people in rehabilitation could be huge – if their innovative device can help just 60% of stroke survivors that represents 10 million people per year.

MaGos started with a business idea in 2017 and they are now at prototype level TRL 6. Greg Agriopoulos, CEO of MaGos has an MSc in Electrical Engineering of the Polytechnic School of Patras, specialising in telecommunication systems, wireless signal processing technologies and embedded systems. He has 9 years’ experience in Project-Contract Management, Bid management in ICT & the defence sector. He has completed a tech Mini-MBA in Leading Strategic Innovation from the AIT (Athens Information Technology) and he has experience in new tech product strategy analysis, development and implementation stages in the telecommunication-software-radar technology fields.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Ennovation competition in Greece

Greg joined the Young Entrepreneurs Programme after participating in and winning the Ennovation competition in Greece where the winning prize was a ticket to the RG YEP Accelerate phase.

This year we organised RG YEP Ignite events in Heraklion, Ioannina and Thessaloniki in collaboration with the Athens Centre for Entrepreneurship Innovation (ACEin)Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece and the local university of each location. The RG YEP workshops were also run in collaboration with the international university competition on Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Ennovation’s Programme. Participants who presented their business ideas at the Ignite event were given the opportunity to participate in the final phase of Ennovation’s competition, as well as the chance to progress to the Accelerate phase of the Young Entrepreneurs Programme.

RG YEP – “a ‘diamond’ accelerator”

I caught up with Greg recently and he was very positive about the RG YEP programme, stating: “The Patenting Masterclass and the mentoring sessions were a huge benefit for us and we thoroughly enjoyed the final pitching event. We are thrilled with the overall experience. I would rate RG YEP as a ‘diamond’ accelerator, Reload Greece is a great school of business development!”

Specialist mentoring

During the second Accelerate phase of the programme, when participants gain 1:1 mentoring and masterclasses, MaGos were matched with George Shoterioo, Technology Strategist and Innovation Architect at Skylon Consulting. When I asked Greg about the mentoring they received he said Our mentor George Shoterioo really boosted our idea.  We are grateful to him about the effort provided and his dedication to the development of our idea.”

MaGos won an Innovation Tour, which this year will take place at the Cern in Geneva, and 1:1 mentoring sessions and webinars in Partnerships by Cathy Delhanthy’s Takaya Foundation. I asked Greg what winning the Innovation Award  means to him personally & how will it help in their startup’s future plans and he said “The Innovation award prize is a great validation for our idea and effort. The whole procedure made us, and me personally, more confident and ready to compete as this was our 1st effort to present our idea abroad.”

Creating highly skilled Jobs in Greece

MaGos’s high-tech project will create highly skilled jobs in Greece and in terms of their plans for developing the business, the team are currently working in 2 parallel paths – to secure further funding for their next steps and to complete R&D of our product in order to reach a MVP.

Greg highlighted how their entrepreneurial journey was not easy but that their experiences have helped them to effectively develop their project “The team has passed through difficult stages but we made it and the experience in people management & changes management that we gained is huge!”

Award winning ideas have often emerged from Greece and our RG YEP workshops helped to bring an international perspective and a global outlook to the Greek start-up ecosystem. RG YEP gave young aspiring entrepreneurs from Greece a unique opportunity to compete with young entrepreneurs from other European countries and it’s great to see one of the business ideas who joined RG YEP through our new strategic partners in Greece, win one of the 4 final RG YEP awards. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our RG YEP strategic partners for their invaluable collaboration. We look forward to following MaGos’s entrepreneurial journey and to developing the Young Entrepreneurs Programme further in Greece in our 2019/20 programme.