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RG YEP Winner Digital Health Technologies: creating safer healthcare services

By May 7, 2019 No Comments

Committed healthcare professional Kyriaki Mitsiou-Begg is on a mission to create safer healthcare services and better working conditions for healthcare professionals. Kyriaki, Founder and CEO of Digital Health Technologies, participated in our 2018-19 Young Entrepreneurs Programme and at the final pitch event, she won the RG YEP Rising Star Award. 

Digital Health Technologies have developed an innovative Clinical Decision Support System that embraces latest technologies and promotes clinical pathway standardisation and interoperability between systems and healthcare providers. As an Officer Nurse in the Greek Navy and a Senior Sister and Operations Manager in the NHS, Kyriaki has 23 years of extensive experience in service design and quality improvement in the healthcare sector. Kyriaki’s clinical experience has been essential to the design of Digital Health Technologies unique system which takes a ground-up, clinician-centred approach to create a digital, interactive clinical environment.

Kyriaki has an MSc in Higher Professional Education and she joined RG YEP through Warwick Business School, where she is currently finishing the Executive MBA course, focusing on Business Management and Entrepreneurship. This week we caught up with Kyriaki to hear about her experience of the Young Entrepreneurs Programme and her plans for the future.

Congratulations on winning the RG YEP Rising Star Award. What does winning the award mean to you personally & how will it help in your future plans?

I feel very honored to have won the Rising Star Award, and I will do my best to make the RG team proud. This has been very encouraging during this difficult stage, and I thank the RG team for believing in me.

Automatic entry to the RG Challenge19 accelerator will help Digital Health Technologies enter the next stage of its life, progress and grow to achieve our first mission and get closer to our vision.

What do you feel were the key benefits of participating in the pre-accelarator programme?

I really enjoyed RG YEP, I found the masterclasses very beneficial and I enjoyed the interaction with my mentor Sotiris Rompas as he shared with me his feedback, insights and experience regarding Med Tech. There was good synergy between his skills and experience and our startup’s needs. The 1:1 meetings allowed dedicated time to discuss next steps.

RG YEP is a great programme that helps early stage start-ups frame their ideas and move to the next level. I feel very lucky to have been a part of it and I am really looking forward to RG Challenge19.

To me, Reload Greece is the first step toward success.

How do you feel RG Challenge19 will help you to develop your business further?

RG Challenge19 will assist us to reach our next milestone and become ready for investment. We’ll work very hard during these 2 weeks, and we will frame all our efforts of the last 14 months into a respectable and attractive proposal for our potential investors. The insights and advice of the RG experts will be pivotal to the final result.

What are your plans for developing the business and what are your hopes for the future?

Based on expert knowledge and a strong team we will follow the right steps to develop and grow our business. Digital Health Technologies’ vision and mission is to save and improve life for our generation and generations to come. It is our duty to contribute to the modernisation of the healthcare system and allow our children and families to be treated in a safer hospital environment. We have deep values and devotion to helping, saving and improving life, and this will remain our main motivation.

How will Digital Health Technologies have a positive impact on Greece?

Our business idea will allow patients to be treated in a safer and more efficient environment, and healthcare professionals to work in better working conditions. It is expected that we can save up to 5400 lives per year, create new jobs, attract talent and create savings of up to £2million per hospital.

RG YEP was a very emotional opportunity for me as I would be honored to assist Greece to get stronger.

Thanks to Kyriaki for sharing her RG YEP story with us, we look forward to working alongside Digital Health Technologies again at RG Challenge and helping their startup become investment ready. Here’s a short video of Kyriaki and her Mentor Sotiris speaking at the RG YEP final pitch event after winning the Rising Star Award.