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RG Stories: Interview with RG Challenge19 start-up Loceye


While this year’s RG Challenge20 accelerator programme has been delayed due to covid-19, and our global call for applications remains open, we have been motivated to run a series of blogs that feature some of Reload Greece’s thriving alumni start-ups. Walking through their entrepreneurial journey, their experience from last years’ RG Challenge and their future plans, we are excited to present Loceye.

Loceye is a biometric eye-tracking platform and one of the participant start-ups of RG Challenge19 accelerator programme. Loceye was founded in 2017 and since then, it has taken web analytics to the next level, by creating state-of-the-art technology for Eye-Tracking. Costas Alexoglou, Founder and CEO of Loceye, started the start-up with the aim to launch the first cross-platform app for eye-tracking and gazing analysis. The groundbreaking technology of Loceye provides insights on what people seem to pay attention to on a webpage, what they ignore and how long they focus on a specific part of a webpage. 

Find out everything about Loceye’s adventure so far, as well as Costas’ experience from the RG Challenge19 in our interview below. 

The inspiration behind Loceye

Loceye was born when Costas decided to develop a software for UX analysis, based on eye-tracking and using just a computer’s camera. Costas explains “It was during my internship in UX Design, at the IT Center of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, when I first learned about the eye tracking technique that was using as a method for UX analysis. I was fascinated by this method, but soon discovered that there was no ready-made software available in the market that wouldn’t require the use of special hardware. That was the point when I realised that there was a gap in the market. I already knew that the field of Computer Vision was very advanced and that I could develop a human-centered software, using innovative technology.”

The RG Challenge Experience and Loceye’s Progress

Loceye is very positive about their experience from the RG Challenge and the impact RG has had on their development so far. As Costas states We enjoyed a lot the mentorship and the intense experience.” Since completing RG Challenge, Loceye has made great progress. More specifically, 5 more employees were added to Loceye’s team, as well as a new product was launched, boosting the start-up’s growth. In our question about a possible international expansion, Costas seems to be positive on that, mainly for funding purposes. 

Hopes for the Future

Costas states “Our hopes for the future of Loceye is to expand into global markets, recruit people from around the globe and have an even greater impact in our users’ life.”

We are thrilled to see how Loceye have accelerated and how their participation in an RG programme has helped them develop. We look forward to seeing Loceye and all of our alumni start-ups reaching for the top! If you are an early stage start-up looking to fast track your business and become investment ready, our global call for our next RG Challenge programme remains open! Hear more about the programme here and feel free to contact us at if you have any queries.