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RG Challenge19 Winners Announced 

By July 8, 2019 No Comments

Last week the RG Challenge19 programme came to a pitch-perfect close with some exceptional presentations at the final Dragons Den pitch event. 15 start-up teams pitched their innovative businesses to a panel of investor judges and it was amazing to see how much the teams had developed over the course of the programme.

The RG Challenge19 cohort included many innovative start-ups from digital and high growth sectors such as Medical, Education, Gaming, Fashion, Energy, and Materials. Over 11 days, the teams effectively progressed their businesses alongside a broad range of specialist mentors and the entrepreneurs benefited from immersion activities at venues such as Visa’s Innovation Lab and Google Campus Tech Hub demo pitch night. Programme highlights included inspiring sessions by speakers such as Eliott Saba (Vice President, Silicon Valley Bank), Steve Vranakis (Executive Creative Director, Google Creative Lab),  John Bradford (Co-Founder, F6S), Anthony Danon (Early-stage VC, Speedinvest), Phillipa Sturt (Managing Partner, Joelson), David Farquharson (Partner and Co-Founder, Ignition Law) and Xenofon Voudouroglou (Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Beotel Net ISP).

After an intense programme and pitch training from a professional actor, the start-up teams from Greece and the UK were ready to pitch to three investor judges and a closed audience of international investors, mentors and Reload Greece partners at the RG Challenge19 Dragons Den final pitch event. As the audience prepared to hear the startup pitches, the teams were first introduced in this short video which we produced during the programme:


During the pitches it was inspiring to hear how these innovative start-ups are disrupting markets, overcoming challenges and making a positive difference. The start-up ideas included an app that translates a baby’s cry, a platform that connects investors with renewable energy projects, a state-of-the-art technology solution for multilingual content creation and management, an edtech platform providing e-tutoring and pocket tools crafted from up cycled parts of fighter jets and sailing boats.

Fifteen amazing startups but there could only be two winners – three investor judges chose the winner of the Judges Award and the audience voted for their favourite start-up in the Audience Award. After much deliberation the three judges, Garry Pratt (Chairman, Kinderly), Chrysoula Zervoudakis (Co-Founder, STRIBA Ltd) and Peter Prince (Senior Vice President, Corum Group International), awarded Digital Health Technologies the top award. 

RG Challenge19 Judges Award Winner

Digital Health Technologies have developed an innovative electronic system for healthcare professionals which promotes inpatient pathway standardisation. Kyriaki has extensive experience in the healthcare sector which was essential to the design of Digital Health Technologies unique InCare system which takes a ground-up, clinician-centred approach to create a digital, interactive clinical environment. The system will allow patients to be treated in a safer and more efficient environment and will allow healthcare professionals to work in better working conditions. It is expected that they can save up to 5,400 lives per year, create new jobs, attract talent and create savings of up to £2million per hospital. 

The inspiring start-up joined RG Challenge19 after winning the 2018-19 RG YEP Young Entrepreneurs Programme. The team won 6 months free co-working office space at Central Working London, 3 legal sessions from Joelson Law and a 1:1 with angel investor Xenofon Voudouroglou.

After she won the award, Kyriaki Mitsiou-Begg, Founder and CEO of Digital Health Technologies said: “I feel very honoured and proud to have won RG Challenge. The 11-day programme was exceptional, very informative and practical, and it allowed us to develop the right skills and become investment ready. The mentors were highly qualified and experienced and the pitch preparation allowed us to develop confidence and deliver a professional pitch. Pitching to investors was an amazing opportunity and the RG Challenge award will help Digital Health Technologies to progress to the next step and get closer to our vision of saving and improving lives.”

RG Challenge19 Audience Award Winner

The audience voted for their favourite start-up pitch and materials tech startup Biomimetic won the vote. Biomimetic have developed an innovative technology for creating anti reflective glass surfaces using laser light. The team joined the RG Challenge accelerator through Reload Greece’s partnership with the National Bank of Greece’s Business Seeds programme. The team was awarded with a 3-hour legal session with Ignition Law, a strategic consultation plus online training with Communication Strategist Anna Roberts and a 1:1 session with angel investor Chrysoula Zervoudakis.

After winning the RG Challenge19 Audience Award, Biomimetic Co-Founder Andreas Lemonis, said: “RG Challenge19 was an intense programme which pushed us to our limits and took us out of our comfort zone. As a team with a technical background and without much knowledge of business and marketing, Reload Greece helped us to feel more confident about our next step and the strategy we need to follow for our business. Every single member of the RG team, including the organisers and the mentors, gave us something to take with us back to Greece. We are really glad we had the chance to participate in the programme and we recommend other teams to join RG in order to bring their business one step closer to success.”

The day after the Dragons Den pitch event, each start-up had 1:1 meetings with investors who had shown an interest in their business and it was great to see so many meetings scheduled. This year, to maximise the foundation’s impact, start-ups are expected to give back to Reload Greece, through a donation of at least 3% of funds raised from investors they meet through Reload Greece’s activities and programmes. For any investors interested in connecting with the RG Challenge19 start-ups, please feel free to contact us at

We are immensely proud of the progress all 15 RG Challenge19 startups made during the 11 day programme and we are excited to continue to support their development and follow their startup journeys. 

After the event, Angela Stathi, Reload Greece CEO said: “During RG Challenge19 the startups worked really hard and they progressed tremendously. It was fantastic to see prizes awarded to Young Entrepreneurs Programme startup Digital Health Technologies, and National Bank of Greece’s Business Seeds start-up, Biomimetic. This year, our Dragons Den event was by invitation only and we had a broad range of international investors attending. For our future activities, we are working to continue to build bridges between Greece with the rest of the world. To increase our access to both Greek talent and experienced Greek professionals, we plan to extend our presence and programmes across Europe, the Balkans and America. Our goal is to strengthen our relationships with the wider ecosystem in Greece and to support more talent. We are proud of our expanding network of international mentors which has grown into a community of over 150 highly skilled professional and academic mentors. We plan to expand our cooperation with investment vehicles that directly and indirectly help startups who graduate from our programs and to also strengthen our collaboration with our partners without whom Reload Greece would not exist.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped make the programme what it is, including the startups, mentors, partners, investors and supporters. In particular, special thanks to our RG Challenge19 partners including the programme Major Donor, the Costas M. Lemos Foundation and Partners, the National Bank of Greece and the A.G. Leventis Foundation, for their ongoing support which is invaluable.

Follow us on social media to see photos of this year’s programme and media reports from the Dragons Den event and hear more about the startups who participated and their revolutionary businesses below:

iCry2Talk: An application that translates a baby’s cry in real-time associated with a specific need using Al.

Join: Blind recruitment platform that sources and connects talent to companies over dinner.

AdMeNow: A network of tabletop devices for instant digital advertising and optimization of customer experience services.

Smart Power Networks: A technology startup introducing smartness to power systems through the use of Intelligent Control Systems. 

Biomimetic: An innovative technology for creating Anti-Reflective glass surfaces with laser light.

Parity Platform: A platform that connects investors with vetted renewable energy projects.

DeliverWOW: A try-on service in the comfort of your home.

Quantflare: Provides actionable quantitative macro analysis and insights related to Capital Markets.

Octappush: A data analytics platform that helps game studios launch profitable games.

JetK: Pocket tools that come from fighter jets or sailing boats and carry inspirational stories of modern heroes. 

Edutailors: Edutailors is a platform that provides e-tutoring and group courses with a focus on high aptitude students. EdTech

Loceye: A SaaS platform for Eye Tracking, helping brands see thorugh the eyes of their custmers. 

NEXYA: Combines human expertise with state-of-the-art technology and Agile principles to create solutions for multilingual content creation and management.

InCare: The new, innovative, clinical, electronic system that embraces all stages and assessments of the inpatient journey, promotes pathway standardisation, combines data, identifies misses, incompatibilities, for healthcare professionals whilst saving money and removing waste. A web platform that allows users to order cross-category products from local businesses by utilising a crowd-sourced rider / courier network.