RG Challenge19 

Your start-up, investment ready in 11 days

London, 25th June – 5th July 2019



Reload Greece’s intense accelerator programme, RG Challenge, advances 15 start-ups to be ready to raise around £250k. Taking place in central London, participants gain an insight into the UK ecosystem and learn how to best position their pitch to attract investment.

Connect with investors such as Hambro Perks, Notion Capital, Speedinvest & Beacon Capital, hear speakers such as Jon Bradford, Investor & Co-Founder of F6S and Techstars and work with high profile mentors from companies such as Amazon Fresh, Vodafone and BT. At the final Dragons’ Den pitch event, teams pitch to a panel of investor judges to win awards and prizes. 

Why join RG Challenge?


First Round Investment Ready

We know the first round can be the most difficult one. We are no strangers to hard work, together we will refine your business model, financials and we won’t stop until you are ready.

Personal Development

What is stopping you from succeeding? How do you overcome your fears? Our life coach experts will work with you, on you (the most important part) and help you build your confidence.

Pitch Perfect

Show the world what you’ve got. Our talented mentors will help you to create a compelling pitch deck and our expert coaches will teach you to deliver a perfect pitch.

Access Investors

During the programme, each start-up will meet and interact with potential investors specifically interested in their business. At the final Dragons Den pitch event, start-ups pitch to a panel of investors to win awards and prizes.


Judges Award

The Judges Award winner will win

  • 6 months free co-working office space from Central Working
  • 3 legal sessions from Joelson Law
  • 1:1 with angel investor Xenofon Voudouroglou

Audience Award

The Audience Award winner will be awarded with

  • 3-hour legal session with IgnitionLaw
  • Strategic consultation plus online training with Communication Strategist Anna Roberts 
  • 1:1 with angel investor Chrysoula Zervoudakis

What we are looking for:

People per Team

Your Stage

A start-up team with an MVP and preferably some initial traction, ready to make your next big step and wanting to raise around £250k of initial investment.

Your Industry

High growth, potentially high tech and particularly interested in businesses in tourism, agriculture, shipping, finance, medicine, education and aerospace.  An AI, Big Data, Virtual Reality edge would be a plus.

Connection to Greece

Defined broadly: a business model that can be connected in someway to Greece making a socioeconomic impact to the country (i.e. launching in Greece, prospect of shifting part of your manufacturing to Greece, hiring people in Greece).


Thanks to the invaluable support of the RG Challenge partners who subsidise the programme, the cost of participating is just £250 per team member (maximum 3 participants per team).

Programme & Accommodation

Reload Greece provide all participants with an 11 day programme of intense mentoring, masterclasses, speaker sessions and pitch training. All participants receive free accommodation in London and daily lunch, snacks and refreshments.

Giving Back

Reload Greece is a UK registered educational charity. To maximise the foundation’s impact, start-ups are expected to give back to Reload Greece, through a donation of at least 3% of funds raised from investors they meet through Reload Greece’s activities and programmes. Full T&Cs will be shared with all successful applicants.  


Key Milestones:

The Programme:















Teams Arrive Business Model Generation and Customer-Market Validation

Mike Sotirakos

Revenue Streams and Cost Structures

John Bradford

Business Model Optimisation

Mike Sotirakos

Identity & Leadership Training 


Investment Deck Preparation

Steve Maddox

The Golden Rules of Negotiating & Raising Investment

– an Investors Perspective

Anthony Danon 


Confidence Building & Pitch Perfect Training 

Pitching Rehearsals with Steve Vranakis & Dramalioti Taylor Pitch Practice & Pitch Event 1:1 Investor Meetings


Welcome Reception Unlocking Your Full Potential & Overcoming Your Fears

by Christina Garidi

Financial Modelling & Valuation

led by John Bradford

Immersion In the UK Startup Ecosystem Group Activity & Team Dinner Interactive Team Building Activities How To Find Great Talent & Build an Effective Team International Expansion

by Thomas Papanikolaou & Lyda Modiano

UK Startup Immersion Activity  #TechHubTuesday Demo Night at Google Free Time to Prepare Pitch Dragons Den Investor Pitch Event 1:1 Investor Meetings 



Central Working Paddington Central Working Victoria Central Working Victoria Central Working Victoria London Business School London Business School Central Working Victoria London Business School & Google for Startups London Campus  

Central Working Paddington

London Business School Central Working Paddington


Programme Director

Mike Sotirakos

Launch 1000, Founder & CEO

Mike is a serial entrepreneur, impact investor and engineer by training. After 11 years in academia he branched out into business and has launched a number of companies within a wide range of industries. He is the CEO of Launch1000 Limited and one of its founder members. Mike has extensive experience in converting ideas to ventures, serves at the Board of a number of technology and consultancy companies and is an investor in a number of startups. He advises at board level large blue-chip multinational corporates on entrepreneurship. In his early career, Mike served in the corporate world as an engineer and business development manager.  He passionately believes that the global economy is ready for a paradigm shift. He is working with a number of startups and investors to build a global network of ventures based on the principles of Radical Generosity and #benefitability that will create wealth and at the same time will have a profound and positive impact. He is interested in helping and investing in ventures that bring hope and maximise opportunity on a big scale. He has been voted in the Maserati100 list by the Centre of Entrepreneurs: a definitive list of Britain’s most successful business leaders actively supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs alongside Sir Richard Branson and many others.He is married and a proud dad of two amazing daughters. In his free time he loves the adrenaline rush injected by windsurfing.

RG Challenge19 Educators: 

John Bradford

Investor & F6S, Tech.eu & Ormeau Baths Co-Founder 

The Bradfield Centre, Director


Thomas Papanikolaou

Neos Chronos, Founder & Director 


Lyda Modiano

Wide Strategy ltdFounder & Director 


Steven Maddocks

MSB Executive, Presentation Trainer & Voice Consultant


Anthony Danon

Speedinvest, Principal


Phillipa Sturt 

Joelson, Managing Partner


RG Challenge19 Speakers: 

Christina Garidi

Eudaimonia Coaching, Founder

Steve Vranakis 

Google Creative Lab, Executive Creative Director

Maria Taylor Dramalioti 

Beacon Capital, Tech Investor, Managing Partner Beacon Capital

Eliott Saba

Sillicon Valley Bank, Vice President 

Xenofon Voudouroglou

Beotel Net ISP, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

RG Challenge19 Mentors: 

Aggelos Baxevanis

Smith & Nephew, VP Mktg Communication & Mktg Excellence

Eirini Koukaki

Amazon Fresh, Senior Program Manager

Kamil Mieczakowski

Notion Capital, Investor

Nuno Costa 

Vodafone, One Net Cloud Products Leader 


Vassilis Karavas  

UPIQ Advisors, Managing Partner

Sonia Chimona   

BT Group, Senior Marketing Strategist

Aris Georgiou

Hambro Perks, Principal Investor

Christos Makiyama  

Silicon Planet Corp, President & Co-Founder

Lyda Modiano

Wide Strategy ltd.,Founder & Director 

Elise Korolev

Digital Works Group, Partner – Strategy & Leadership 

Thomas Papanikolaou

Neos Chronos, Founder & Director 

Kristian Papadakis

Shared Applications, CEO & Founder


Georgia Linardaki 

Vodafone Group, Senior Global IoT Product Manager


Nancy Dandolos 

Signal Ocean, Customer Success Officer

Lilly Saranti

Smart CV, Founder & Director

Artemis Tonikidou 

Loughborough University, Marketing tutor and Research Assistant



Thomas Vazakas 

RPS Europe, Technical Director



Nicolas Huber 

Biotech, CEO



Sunil Oberoi 

 Founder, Investor, Mentor

Anthony Koustelos   

Business Development & Sales

Savva Kerdemelidis

Legal EdgeLLP, Consultant Legal Adviser

Vasiliki Chounta

ViiV Healthcare, Global Health Outcomes Manager

Evi Giamouzi

Vodafone Gropu, Finance Manager

Vangelis Sakelliou

EMEA, Sales Director 

Maria Dolka 

Oracle, Retail Principal Consultant


Christos Reveliotis 

Energy Startups, Investment Advisor

George Shoterioo

Skylon Consulting, Strategy & Innovation Architecture

RG Challenge19 Leadership Coaches: 

Susie Flashman Jarvis

Crossroads, Executive Coach

Tony Nelson  

Crossroads, Business Consultant & Mentor

Rachel Woods

Crossroads, Facilitator & Education Consultant


Rita Edah   

Crossroads, Life Coach

Alistair Cumming  

Crossroads, HR Consultant

Chris Spray  

Crossroads, NLP Trainer 

RG Challenge19 Dragon’s Den Judges: 

Peter Prince

Corum Group International, Senior Vice President

Global Leader in M&A of High Tech Companies

Chrysoula Zervoudakis

STRIBA Ltd, Co-Founder

Strategic Governance and Sustainability Consultant

Garry Pratt

Kinderly, Chairman

Serial Ed-tech Entrepreneur & Consultant

The RG Challenge programme has been inspiring... it has been mind blowing! We became better entrepreneurs and we had the opportunity to take our business further. We met some amazing teams. We really profited from exchanging ideas and having great mentors!

Katerina Santikou, Workathlon

The RG Challenge was an amazing workshop in pitching! It was an amazing opportunity for us to collect what we had so far, structure it in a very nice way and then have our final 5-slide deck that we give to investors.

George Kaligeros & Dan Keene, Pushme

Our experience from RG Challenge was unique! What the team has done in London is beyond imagination. A few days with 50 hours of Business Modelling. Great mentors, a lot of new friends and one basic motto: Dream Big!

Athina Polina Dova & Ilias Vartholomaios, Owiwi

We came to understand, not only what we were missing but also we were very much helped into overcoming our shortfalls. The most prevalent sentiment that we received from RG Challenge was empowerment!!

Dimitris Giannakis, Synaphea

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