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RG alumni respond to COVID-19 pandemic

By April 9, 2020 No Comments

Businesses worldwide are reacting and adapting to the COVID-19 crisis. For some this means closing their doors for the time being, for others it means finding new ways of working. For a number of RG alumni start-ups, it means meeting the impact of the crisis head-on. 

As an organisation born out of the Greek economic crisis, at Reload Greece we know first-hand the importance and power of entrepreneurial thinking when facing a crisis. We are so proud to see the response from our alumni in these challenging times – whether it is extending their services, offering free access to their platforms, or working together to create face shields for medical staff.  

AidPlex & iCry2Talk: face shields for medical staff

AidPlex is medical start-up focused on providing innovative solutions in the orthopaedics area. The team participated in the RG Challenge18 programme.

iCry2Talk is a biotechnology start-up which designed a cry-recognition app using AI to translate a baby’s cry. iCry2Talk participated in the RG Challenge19 programme.

Both AidPlex and iCry2Talk are part of the core team of COVID-19 Response Greecea community of volunteers from a science and tech background. They have so far worked together to create more than 20,000 face shields for 14 hospitals and 8 medical associations across Greece.

Stoferno: increased services for on demand delivery 

Stoferno (in Greek, “I bring it to you”) is an on-demand platform operating in Greece which allows users to order products from their local marketplace. The platform covers all kinds of products from a variety of businesses including convenience stores, pharmacies, grocery stores and much more. 

The startup participated in the RG Challenge19 accelerator programme.

Naturally Stoferno’s service is proving even more relevant and important under Greek’s social distancing rules, especially for people who are vulnerable and self-isolating. Rising to meet the challenge, the team at Stoferno have expanded their operations to reach other areas of Athens not previously covered by the service. 

Owiwi: free assistance for HR professionals 

Owiwi is an online platform which harnesses the power of gamification to enhance the recruitment process for both job seekers and businesses. Owiwi participated in the RG Challenge16 programme, winning the Audience Award.

As businesses adapt to remote working in the current climate, Owiwi has offered an extended free trial of their platform to help HR professionals and businesses minimise any further disruption to the recruitment process. Owiwi has also devised a new tier package (“Hoot Remotely”), offered at a discounted rate, to alleviate the burdens and hurdles in moving to remote operations.

Simply POS: free trials of retail tech platform

Simply POS is a cloud-based retail tech platform, increasing efficiency for retail merchants by automating in-store daily tasks. Simply POS participated in the RG Challenge17 programme.

In response to the current crisis, Simply POS is offering free trials of its platform, which is likely to be of increased importance as businesses adapt to new ways of working. 

It’s wonderful to hear these RG Challenge alumni stories and to see how these startups are making a positive difference in the crisis. We look forward to helping more startups accelerate and become investment ready at our next RG Challenge programme. If you are looking to fast track your start-up, applications to RG Challenge20 are now open!