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Meet the RG alumni startups joining RG Connect’18

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With only 3 days remaining until the RG Connect’18 conference ‘Where Challenges Meet Solvers’, everyone in the RG team is very excited for our biggest event of the year!

We are thrilled that 10 Reload Greece’s alumni startups are exhibiting and presenting their businesses at the conference. All of them are aspiring young entrepreneurs whose vision is to make a change and create businesses which will solve problems and have a positive socio-economic impact on Greece.

It is so inspiring to closely watch their progress on their entrepreneurial journeys, which started with Reload Greece and keep driving ahead.

Each of the following participating start-ups will be exhibiting at the event and presenting their businesses to an esteemed panel of judges where one winner will be chosen!

The participating startups are:

Blakbear produces low cost portable pollution sensors and smartphone pollution sensors to measure air, soil and water pollution as well as food quality.

Entomics is a technology company within the rapidly growing insect bioconversion industry converting low nutrient inputs into high value feeds. Also, RGChallenge’18 Judges Award winner.

ExpeRoment is a robotic laboratory that accelerates pharmaceutical research by reducing cost, time and human-error in biotech experiments.

FirstServed is one universal mobile app and service for placing orders, while seated at your table, using ‘checkout free’ payments across restaurants and F&B establishments.

Pobuca is a CRM suite which connects brands and retailers with their contacts, achieve bigger sales towards their B2B customers and engage with their consumers’ loyalty.

Pushme electrifies bicycle fleets of delivery businesses. A plug & play device converts any bike to electric in seconds and a pick-and-go battery network provides infinite range without downtime. Also, RGChallenge’17 Audience Award winner.

Racecheck is a global marketplace for endurance sports events, helping athletes find great events through race reviews and enabling them to book events and event travel services whilst also helping organisers to promote their events and increase participation rates. RG YEP 17/18 Winner & RG Challenge18 participating startup, has recently raised investment from Metavallon VC.

Simply POS is an all-in-one retail store management and automation platform that enables retailers to run their business on Autopilot.

Tekmon helps deskless frontline workers collaborate and work smarter, from daily operations to critical communications.

Meet the RG alumni startups at the RGConnect’18 conference

Don’t miss your chance to meet the startups in person, connect with ambitious entrepreneurs and get inspired and motivated by their successful stories. Join RGConnect18, the preeminent networking and knowledge-sharing platform for the next generation of entrepreneurs, in London this Saturday 6th October. The event is taking place in Prince Philip House, close to Charing Cross. Hear more about the conference and book you tickets here now.