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An insight into an RG YEP Ignite workshop

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What is the Ignite workshop and why is it important? This blog gives you a very good insight of what happens at the workshop, what are the benefits of joining and what comes after! 

A few days ago our team hosted the RG YEP Ignite workshop at Imperial College London, where we heard so many interesting business ideas, and met aspiring young people full of energy and willingness to solve problems they face. 

The Ignite workshop began with an introduction to RG YEP (the Young Entrepreneurs Programme), by our Community Engagement Manager, Veroniki Zerva. Veroniki introduced Reload Greece, our cause, and the benefits of participating in the programme. Just a few minutes later, it was time to play a game! The aim was to meet as many people as possible, so every 1 minute you had to switch and meet someone else. You could share your name, what you study or your job and your business idea or the problem you want to solve. This game was a good opportunity for participants to network with our mentors and speakers, to exchange ideas, or to even find a budding entrepreneur to join their team!

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After the game, we welcomed our speaker, or speakers, to inspire us by sharing their entrepreneurial story. Speakers gave an insight into their entrepreneurial journey so far – how they started, what challenges they had to overcome, at what stage their company is at the moment, and what advice they would give to aspiring young entrepreneurs. 

Experoment, RG YEP alumni startup, who won the Innovation Award in Reload Greece’s 2017/18 Young Entrepreneurs Programme (RG YEP), joined last year’s programme through Imperial College London. Anastasios Andronidis, Co-Founder of Experoment, was the first speaker at Imperial’s event last week. Anastasios said: ‘’Team up! It is not only about the people that you collaborate with. It’s also about the people around you. Your mentors, the community, your family’’, ‘’Look at the stars, but also walk on earth’’.

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Rami Kalai, Founder of Digital Assets at startup Quanterium was the second speaker at the Imperial event. Rami said: ‘’The point of team is really essential. Ideas are one thing, execution is another. Investors want to see that the team can execute the idea. Not only that the idea is good.’’

After hearing from the inspirational speakers, each idea holder attending the Ignite event presented their idea and the problem they aim to solve with the audience.

In general, whether one has a business idea, is looking for team members to share his/her ride, or is just interested in entrepreneurship and networking with top industry professionals, the Ignite event is the right place to do that.

There were many business ideas presented, so the audience voted for the best ones, and participants were divided into groups. Participants chose the idea they wanted to hear more about, or who they could give best guidance and feedback to, and each chosen idea created a team of attendees.

Imperial (4 of 6)Next, a mentor was allocated to each team. The mentor supported the team in developing the idea by asking questions such as: What are your assumptions about your business? Is it a good time to start now? Have you tested the idea? How robust is it? What are the tools and techniques you should use to develop your new business idea?

After the brainstorming session, we asked not the idea holders, but other members of each team to pitch the developed idea to the audience, so we see how it evolved and if the initial idea changed.  

Finally, pizza was offered to all hard-working participants!


After the Ignite workshop, successful idea holders have the chance to access the ACCELERATE phase of the programme, where they receive six weeks of intense 1:1 mentoring sessions with a dedicated mentor, who is matched to their needs. Reload Greece mentors are top tier professionals from leading companies such as Amazon, AstraZeneca, HSBC and Three. Teams will also join specialised masterclasses in Creativity, Growth Hacking, Startup Economics, Patenting and Pitch training with partners such as Google and Deloitte Ventures.

The final PITCH phase takes place in London in March 2019, when each finalist team pitches their idea to a panel of esteemed judges, their mentors and a live audience for their chance to win awards and prizes. Prizes include cash, an innovation tour in Greece and fast-track access to RG Challenge19, our intense 11-day accelerator programme which helps startups become investment ready.

Next London Event:

Our next London Ignite workshop, is taking place on the 6th of November at London Business School at 6p.m. You don’t have to be a student at LBS to join the event. Come with us to meet mentors from HSBC, Three, BT and Private Equity Firm Phestis Advisory, and our speaker Thanos Kokkiniotis, Founder of Smartify, and LBS alumni, who raised $316.5K, and hear how he combined his passions to create a successful startup! You can register your free place here today!

This Ignite workshop is for:

  • Students, researchers, Phd students
  • Young professionals
  • People interested in entrepreneurship
  • People interested in networking with high calibre business professionals and mentors
  • Those who have a business idea or just want to hear about innovative ideas. 

Don’t miss your one chance to join our Young Entrepreneurs Programme (2018-2019) at our RG YEP Ignite workshop and gain a chance to progress to the ACCELERATE phase of the RG YEP programme.

Hope to see you there!