Ignite @Reload: Experiencing RG as a volunteer and participant

By January 30, 2017 No Comments

How would you feel if you had the chance to transform yourself into a real entrepreneur for a day, be able to think and act like one, and even better, to take part in discussions that have to do with innovation and entrepreneurship? These are a few things of what I got to experience through my participation in the Young Entrepreneurs Programme of Reload Greece.  

My story begins a few months ago when I heard about the cause of Reload Greece from a friend of mine, who had acted as a volunteer in the organization in the past three years.

Automatically, the words ‘innovation’, ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘start-up’ drew my attention and the next minute I started looking up the organization to find out what exactly Reload Greece is all about. Long story short, I was really inspired by Reload Greece’s mission to ‘define the model of entrepreneurship that successfully harnesses the power of the diaspora to make a social or economic impact in their home countries’, and I decided to become a volunteer.

From day one, I entered into the roots of the organization and I was given the chance to contribute to the planning of one of the programmes of Reload Greece, called Young Entrepreneurs Programme. Its primary aim is to inspire, coach and assist young entrepreneurs to develop their early stage ideas to a viable business plan, through three separate stages. The fact that I became a volunteer triggered my interest to take part in the programme, which helped me to unwind my mind in several ways.

Being in a room full of passionate and young entrepreneurial thinkers, inspired me a lot, and together with my team, we came up with our own innovative business idea. It felt really good to see that you can actually come up with something innovative in just about an hour and develop it with people you had just met.

The next steps included attending the Ignite Event that took place on the 29th of November, in which different teams were given time to present their ideas in front of guest speakers, mentors and the audience. The fun part began when each team was assigned a mentor, whose role was to help the group with the development of its idea. People from the audience could also join the teams and help them as well.

From my personal experience, all the suggestions that we heard from the people in my group were very helpful and we had a great input of ideas overall. It was truly inspiring to hear all these interesting ideas and think that maybe some of these could actually turn into real start-ups.

We also heard motivational speeches from people who come from the entrepreneurial world, stressing the importance of pursuing our goals and dreams, no matter how many obstacles we need to overcome.

My participation in this event is definitely an experience to remember, and made me really enthusiastic to be part of such an organization. Getting out of a room with mixed feelings of excitement and inspiration is what I keep from this experience, and who knows what is coming next…Because in the end it made me realize that ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’, like Reload Greece is.