HR and Entrepreneurship: No man is an island

By January 30, 2017 No Comments

From the realisation of your idea, to turning it into a breathing-living business entity and the importance of finding the right people to work with you along the way.


You have a business idea. Great!

You spent numerous hours thinking about your business idea, developing it in different concepts, trying different ways of approaching it, and finalizing to what you know in your heart you want to do. You’ve spoken to many people about your idea, you may have pitched your idea to potential investors, and let me take a leap of faith here and say that, you may even got the first funding for your idea.

And now what?

Now the real work comes into focus. Now, you have to make your flat 2D idea into a 4D breathing-living business entity. You have to put in even more hours to make sure that your business plan can actually work and give you back all these Saturday nights you spent finalising your business plan in front of your computer with your hope being your only companion. Now, you realise that no man is an island and you need help. You need other people.

But where will you find these people? People who have the same motivation, dreams, hopes, and passion as you? People who are meticulous, and organised, and willing to sacrifice their Saturday nights in your idea’s altar.

When you find them, how will you convince them to come with you? Yes, you are a leader, you are an entrepreneur, but people are people and always need something in return for their work. What will you give them?

And if they come with you, how will you make sure that they’ll stay with you? Of course, your business is exciting and you will change the world, or at least a part of it, but what makes you think that other people will give their all, for the rest of their lives, to make your dream come true?

I can go on with the questions but I believe I made my point. No man is an island. But every man can manage their business’ human resources.

Human resources is the part of the business that organises people and convinces them to perform all these activities that are so vital for your new company. If you imagine that your company is a small child, HR is the teacher who will give it praise, and assign homework, and guide it through as it grows and develops. HR is not only “absence management” and “disciplinaries”. HR starts existing in your business, the moment you make your first oral agreement with you friend who wants to help, for example, with your company’s finances. HR is there to help you create a strategy, a “people’s plan”, set realistic goals, help you find the right people in the right way, help you convince these people they should be working with you; and then help you develop these people, reward them, and make them part of your extended family. Because when you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, this business of yours, is your family.

But who is HR? HR is not an abstract entity that will take care of itself and you. HR, is you. Because when you’re struggling to find money and you rely on volunteers, need to keep them engaged. Because when you’re growing and you start hiring, you need to hire the best. Because no matter where you are in your business life-cycle, you need to attract, engage, develop the talented people around you. You, is what HR is all about.

But don’t get discouraged. You don’t have to know how to do all these things. In this series of “HR and Entrepreneurship” we will discover the different aspects of HR and how these can be used to help you grow and develop your idea. To help you feel ready to face the next morning. Organisation charts, recruitment and attraction, new HR systems, employment law compliance, strategy, development, change, and rewards are some of the topics that we will talk about in the upcoming weeks. And if you feel there’s something more we should talk about, always feel free to post your suggestions in the comments’ section below. 

Till next week, remember: No man is an island!