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Reload Greece annual flagship Conference,
is held in London since 2012
and it attracts young people and professionals from around the world,
who are interested in entrepreneurship and its social and economic effect
on south European countries worst hit by the recession.

This is Reload Greece’s biggest event where more than 250 delegates gather to hear from an incredible line-up of speakers coming from all around the world.
This is so much more than just a conference, it is the chance for you to participate in interesting discussions, meet like minded people and feel an active member of the RG Community.

Get ready to be inspired, feel empowered and make connections with people who want to make a difference in their community.

“Although the situation in Greece is really tight and difficult, young people decide to fight and do things better, and they have amazing ideas.” Do things you are proud of, do things that, when you speak about them to your children, you will be proud of having taken the choices. Follow your heart and mind, and don’t wait for directions from anybody. ”

George KorresReload Greece Conference ‘12

“I think that Reload Greece is a very ambitious project, and it is being executed amazingly.”

Peter EconomidesReload Greece Conference ‘12

“The next generation can do a lot. First of all, by being here, they can be great ambassadors of Greece. They have everything: innovation, passion, love for what they do, and bright ideas.”

Katherine DelikouraReload Greece Conference ‘12