Volunteer with us!

Are you passionate, enthusiastic and want to become an active member of our movement?
Reload Greece is a charity built by volunteers and continues to grow with their help and dedication.


At the core of our achievements lies a passionate and dedicated team where each person takes on and leads a project.
If we have succeeded so far it is because of our people and by joining us
it means that you will lead and take ownership of what you do, bring your creativity,
imagination and hard work into action.

Our favourite phrase is ‘Congratulations for taking initiative’
because we encourage people to stand up and take initiatives that will grow RG and take it to new heights.
If you are proactive, can think out of the box, are driven, committed and believe in our values
then now is the time to join our team. 

You will learn, develop and create something you will be proud of.

Joining Reload Greece means you are joining the startup that makes other startups happen.

What are you waiting for? #joinRG.

Please find below the current job opportunities available:


Volunteer Positions

Events Manager 
Marketing & Communications manager 
Video Producer


 Internship Positions

Research & Community Engagement Intern
Marketing & Communications  
Social Media Intern
Research & Journalism Intern
Events Management Intern

How do I apply?

Please click here to send us an email with your CV
stating the position that you are interested in along with a cover letter highlighting:

a) why you are interested in Reload Greece
b) why you believe you are the right candidate for the role and
c) what you aspire to bring to our team.