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What is Reload Greece

Reload Greece is the Hub of Youth Entrepreneurship in London, aiming to ensure that young people will develop skills in entrepreneurship and social innovation that will help their communities develop both socially and economically. Our thinking is that as communities benefit, they will offer viable options for the future generations of entrepreneurs and social innovators. It’s a virtuous circle.

It all started in March 2012 by five young Greek volunteers and now includes over 30 volunteers. They took on the responsibility of promoting the charity’s objects by exploring entrepreneurial case studies to educate young people about business, commerce and entrepreneurship. The Reload team likes to call these passionate and innovative young people “Reloaders”.

Who are the Reloaders?

They are people with global outlook who think innovatively about enterprises. They are innovative, entrepreneurial and daring enough to believe they can build UK based businesses that are inherently globally oriented with the intent to be able to give back to their communities.

Reload Greece Vision

Our vision is to educate about youth entrepreneurship so as to encourage the creation of new enterprises that create employment and otherwise benefit the community. 

We refer to our beneficiaries as “Reloaders”. To the extent we are successful in our education, Reloaders will appreciate and value:

- Proactivity: The notion that societies benefit when individuals embrace entrepreneurial principles and take the initiative to resolve the challenges they face by continuously innovating in all fields.

- Empowered Youth: The young generation has the potential to be a catalyst for wealth creation and innovation. It has an important role to play in spreading entrepreneurial knowhow to their peers.

- Inclusivity: In pursuing entrepreneurship, Reloaders will take actions that promote fairness and discourage discrimination on the basis of ethnic or social background, race, gender, age, or physical ability. Our aim is to foster a community that makes disenfranchised people feel welcome and operates on the basis of merit.

- Solidarity: We believe that solidarity is key in a stronger and healthier civil society. Reloaders take action together for the common good and support those who are weaker.

- Globalism: The importance of acting as global citizens: drawing inspiration from others and forging global partnerships.

Our Goal

We aim to be the leading organisation that inspires and educate young people with a global outlook who come from countries worst hit by the recession (such as Spain, Greece and Portugal) helping them think innovatively about enterprises.

How we do it?

We reach out to thousands of existing and potential entrepreneurs, innovators, social entrepreneurs who seek refuge in cities like London and are looking to achieve social and economic progress through the development of globally oriented innovative ideas. Drawing inspiration from successful connected entrepreneurs and innovators, we educate Reloaders about the entrepreneurial mindset and inspire them to develop their own ideas.

The initiative has successfully organized two major conferences (September 2012 & March 2014) and 6 smaller events (60-80 attendees/event) that were attended by 900 people. More than 70 successful entrepreneurial role models have been featured at Reload Greece Foundation activities, each providing their story of what motivated them and how they grew their ventures through engaged discussion applying business principles in a unique way.

Through these activities, Reload Greece aspires to make the young generation a generation of entrepreneurship and value creation.The organization isbreaking new ground in creating and establishing practical new ways in shifting people (young and old) out of economic trouble.

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